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Building a New Office Building

One of the most representative symbols of the twentieth century architecture is the office building. The building itselfand the designs incorporated into it are the reflection of not only the status of a company but also an index of the social, technological and economic progress of the society it prospers in considering all the types of workers.
If you are a growing company and in need of a new office building, since the existing one does not fit your space and progress requirements, than you are stepping into a long process of designing in order to make sure you meet every objective on the list. Here is a list of difficulties you will encounter along the way to an integrated design:

  • Productivity improvement. Increasing the satisfaction of workers and owners is a key factor for the productivity level of any company. Think of ways to optimize the work space considering all types of workers and work space requirements. According to the analysis plan for single offices, group ones and ocean type offices different sections in the hierarchy of a company seek for different ambient.
  • Assure the flexibility of the space. While organizing offices, service rooms and their inter communication, always try and make the most of the space available without permanently restricting it. Use flexible separating walls and divide managers from their section workers by glass barriers whenever possible. By doing this they will not only have a more integrated work environment, the supervising will be easier and more in control.
  • Taking a break. Though lunch time takes up only 15 percent of the overall work day, the space intended for that particular one hour is more than relevant to the big picture. Integrate some fun activities along with the lunch area. You might be surprised of the outcome. Motivation is crucial to the level of productivity, and the offer of a quality break away from the office problems will result with a positive mood and an enthusiastic ambient.
  • Healthy environment. Since workers will spend 50 percent of the time during week days right there in those offices, it is really important to design sanitary spaces according to all standards. Not only do they have to be appropriately designed and constructed, they also have to be cleaned and maintained in details as frequent as possible.
  • Final product. The final phases of the architectural finish are the ones that will give the first impression for anyone entering the building, while in the meantime securing the practical and safe work environment for the insiders. Before you decide upon the final touches, take the time needed to consider all options for materialization and polishing the wall and floor surfaces and applications. Think of the details that will add up to the overall picture such as stair nosing, gripping rails, floor tiles, glass applications, interior decorations etc.

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