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Cruise 101

I have been on some great vacations over the span of my life, one of which happened recently over Christmas when my family went on a cruise. There are many aspects to consider when preparing for your first cruise.

Make sure you remember all the great things about cruises. Cruises are very social, so you will undoubtedly meet people from all over aboard the boat. Prepare to be outgoing and try to make some new friends. Cruises are romantic. You will have plenty of together time to rekindle that lost spark in your relationship or just continue to show your loved one just how much they mean to you. Cruises are a great deal. Most are all inclusive, so you pay upfront and don’t have to worry about costs the rest of the trip. This allows you to be more carefree and enjoy your time away.

Cruises allow you to see multiple destinations, and unpack only once. You are sleeping on the ship the whole time so there’s no need to unpack multiple times even though you may have day stops in various ports during your vacation. This is a huge selling point for cruises, because you can satisfy different members of your party with different locations. Cruises are fun for all ages. There are a wide range of activities on cruises that allow everyone from children to the elderly to have a fantastic time. Many activities that can be found on cruises include swimming, dancing, lectures, computer classes, movies, comedy shows, performances and karaoke.

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer smaller boats and others like large and lavish. There’s a boat for everyone. Cruises are so easy to plan. Pick the dates you want to go, the destination and the ship. Most packages like I mentioned earlier are all inclusive so there’s no endless searching for hotels, rental cars, flights, etc. Cruises have everything you need or want onboard. Don’t worry that you are going to be stranded. The ships have endless shops, restaurants, entertainment, medical supplies, spas, etc. to keep your whole family happy and taken care of. Cruises are some of the easiest ways to see exotic places. Have you wanted to take a trip to an exotic land but worried about the language barrier? Cruises allow you to see many places, with the various port stops, and even have English-speaking guided tours to help you.

So when preparing for your first cruise, keep in mind these amazing reasons why you chose to go on a cruise. Sit down with those whom you are traveling with and pick where you want to go. It may be helpful to work with an experience travel agent or someone you trust who has been on a cruise before to make sure you are getting the best deal. Travel agents are well experienced in helping individuals find great cruise options for what they are looking for and the budget they need to work within. Although it is important to note that even travel agents can make mistakes and end up in a situation where they are facing liability. So that being said, if you are a travel agent be sure to consider insurance for travel agency to best protect you. Enjoy and have fun! I can’t wait to go on another cruise soon!

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