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Ferrite Powder: What and Why?

Magnets. There are used in everyday life, whether it is holding pictures up on refrigerators, in our washing machines to make them go around, in our cars to help them go. They are still used in computers today to produce a field that no one can see that helps with the data. They are also used in recording media devices. Magnets are all around us, but there are many types of magnets, as well as what they are made out of, and have many different uses.

Ferrite powder is simply a ceramic magnet. It is made out of ceramic materials and when melted by heat, can be made into a magnetic shape. It is used in just about everything, including automotive sensors. The chemical combination for the magnets is strontium carbonate and iron oxide combined.

There is two types of this kind of powder: hard and soft. According to New World Encyclopedia, the soft powder is made into magnets that are used in transformers that help conduct electricity into our home while the hard powder is made into a magnet to put into radios.

According to Arnold Magnetic Technologies, the powder was discovered in the 1960’s and was used to replace metallic magnets because metallic was proven to be dangerous and it was a lower cost alternative.

Ferrite powder comes in many types of powder. One example of this is barium ferrite. According to the Archive of Material Sciences and Engineering, barium ferrite is composed of iron oxide. The barium magnets are widely used in recording media, microwaves and electromagnetic shielding fields.

In order to turn ferrite into something that can be useable, it has to be milled down into a powder. After that, it gets put to 250 degrees to allow it to melt and be molded for whatever the purpose might be.

Why it is important:

Magnets play a huge role in our lives. Ferrite however is used mostly in motors, toys, novelties, magnetic therapy, loudspeakers, and holding-magnetic systems according to Total Magnetic Solutions The magnets are used in varied amounts and degrees but nevertheless are there and have been. For example, in older computers, there used to be a tiny ferrite magnet until technology updated and no longer needed that type of magnet in the system. Another example would be in radios, and how it helps conducts the waves in order to send electricity through so it will work. One more example would be in cars. Most of today’s vehicles have automatic sensors rather than the old fashioned ones. They used ferrite magnets in cars for the sensors (it’s part of the sensors) in order to help conduct the electricity into the computer of the car, as well as making sure that it can handle the heat.

Magnets are everywhere. There are many types of magnets, but who know what ones that are used in everyday life are made out that make things run so it can be usable.

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