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Great Ways to Say Thank You

In our rushed culture of accepting gifts and favors, we sometimes just run out of ways to say thanks. We later feel guilty because we realize just how much somebody else did for us, whether they took time out of their own busy schedule to help with something, or gave a gift that made let us know that we are loved and thought of. It would be much more beneficial to both parties if we showed our appreciation for them in a timely and unique fashion.


That old cream colored card with the words “thank you” calligraphed on it that you keep extras of in the desk on standby, just doesn’t express a deep appreciation for someone who means the world to you. Our society needs to learn how to stop and say thank you to each other in a meaningful way, and unfortunately our world of texting a quick thanks or emailing them a note is as un-personal as it is ungrateful. Our goal should be to make that person feel as special as you did when you received that favor or gift from them. They need to know that you appreciate them and they deserve to be told thank you in a special, personal, and unique way.


A great way to say thank you is by getting them a special treat that reminds you of them, something you know they’ll love. Our rushed schedules don’t allow us time to bake them a homemade loaf of bread or a plate of cookies. But what if you sent them a basket of cookies from Cookies by Design? They offer cute and personal baskets and trays of cookies that your friends will love, and they will be awed by your personal and thoughtful way of saying thank you. You could even show your appreciation by treating them to same day or next day delivery.


If your friend suffers from Celiac disease or other food allergies, they even have gluten free options! Whether your friend is super classy or would enjoy a cute and artsy token of thanks, Cookies by Design offers amazing edible creations that will raise the bar high in giving thanks to someone in an unforgettable and special way. Saying thank you just got a whole lot easier and a whole lot more “tasteful!” Check out their website today and find a store location near you!

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