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How Solution Stream can Make Your Website Faster

One of the biggest problems visitors experience when visiting websites is speed. The latest computers all have lightning fast processors and the ability to move quickly across the internet is becoming the stand with most people. If your website is running slow because of design flaws, you are losing more visitors each and every day who have little patience in regard to the slow speed of your website. SolutionStream can show you design techniques that can speed up your website’s performance and give the visitors a more pleasurable experience.

Flash is becoming more and more popular with gaming sites and many people are incorporating the flash images on their websites. The use of Flash will increase the user experience and give the visitors the an experience unlike basic HTML websites. The flash technology lets the user experience your website from a personal computer, a mobile phone or a tablet device without losing any of the experience. This technology is advancing almost monthly, and a good web development team can provide you with options so that your website stays in the forefront of your niche.

Solution Stream web development understand that HTML text is a much faster process in the overall functionality of your website. They also understand how to clean up the white space and unnecessary tags that can be causing an increase in the overall size of your files. They can help you to use default tags or remove them altogether to increase the speed of your website. These are things that are not visible to the reader and can only be seen in the admin of your website. Let the professionals identify problem areas and clean them up for you.

Giving your readers smaller thumbnails is a great alternative to a website full of large images that slows down the overall speed of your website. Give your readers thumbnails of products or services you offer, and if they are interested in that product, they can click on that particular image to view a much larger version. This puts the control in the hands of the visitor, and because the images are smaller, your website will run much faster. SolutionStream can show you the tools needed to create optimized thumbnails of all the images on your website.

You may have utilized all of the tips we have discussed above, and are still experiencing slow response times on your website. One of the biggest causes of this is your page size. If your page size is too big, the website response may be slow when joined with all the other pieces of your website. If your web pages are more than 30KB a piece, let SolutionStream web development firm show you the way to reduce those sizes and increase the overall speed of your website today.

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