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How To Use Dot Net Development Companies

Microsoft is unarguably entrenched in the corporate and enterprise worlds of development. Many large companies choose dot net because of their familiarity with Windows and Office, and as their needs for custom development grow they stick with what they know. Interestingly, in an age of shinny Apple products and serious LAMP stack devotees, Microsoft dot net is becoming the platform of choice for many start-ups.

Certified Developers

Microsoft offers developers the opportunity to become certified at several different levels of skill, training, and experience. This makes it simple for start-ups to work with Dot Net development companies because they can tell right away what they are getting. While there are some amazing open source teams and ninjas out there, it can be hard to replace people or grow teams in a strategic way. Certification provides a direct way for the client and vendor to make sure their needs and abilities lineup well, and if an outsider is brought into the organization they team knows right away what the person knows and they have a straightforward path along the certification route for further skill development and training.


Dot net architecture is a tightly integrated system of tools and software that can be added to easily as performance demands increase. Anecdotally, dot net platforms usually can run on a single server box for far longer than a LAMP platform can because it is more efficient. Hardware is an enormous start-up cost; being able to stay on one box longer or two boxes longer allows companies focus on growing their business and not their server room. For companies that go with cloud hosting, like Amazon Web Services, dot net is still a good choice because even if you’re only paying for machine usage by the hour, running few machines is more economical.


Design patterns evolve over time; typically they become more abstracted and more disentangled from hard-coding as they mature. Instead of hard-coding fields from a database to map forward to fields on a web application, MVC or Model-View-Controller abstracts the data layer from the presentation layer and the logic layer. This separation makes each more modular so that a skilled developer can make changes or substitutions to the code or hardware at one layer without breaking the whole system.

Tool set

Visual Studio, the development tool set for dot net is one of the best development environments available. Open source IDE’s have been trying to emulate it for years, Net Beans, Eclipse, and others are Visual Studio clones that are less effective. Visual Studio makes good developers great, and Microsoft gives it away for free to start-ups with its Biz Spark program.

Taken as a whole, the dot net ecosystem is a great platform for start-ups to launch because of its power and large pool of talented and certified developers.

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