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HR Resources for Your Company

HR resources is a critical part of any business organization. Today, many companies are outsourcing all or part of these duties to third party agencies. The role that these companies play can vary from one company to another because there are many facets of the organization that can be completed both internally and externally.

Finding the best HR resources for your company does not have to be difficult, especially if the company representatives have identified the areas in HR that will need to be outsourced to a third party. One of the most common areas in HR that’s traditionally outsourced is the hiring process. Since this is the area that many third party agencies are specializing in, many of these companies are providing services to multiple clients. For instance, companies like Human Resource Management in Columbus Solutions may be hired by a company to fill all of their Information Technology positions. Based on the contract agreement established, these representatives may be hired to recruit temporary, seasonal, part-time, full-time and permanent employees to work for specific companies. The types of positions needed will depend on operational needs so these agencies may work directly with the company’s management in order to fill the positions, as needed.

To accommodate the needs of their clients, they may have large databases of applicants that they can choose their candidates from. Sending the top candidates for these positions is one of the main goals and objectives that must be met. So, these agencies must do a thorough job of screening applicants for the positions that the manager wants. In some cases, the manager may want to interview several applicants for a specific position before the person can be hired. On the other hand, some managers may allow the agency to complete their interviews and they may hire them without contacting the applicants for a second interview. Because each company has different policies, the third party agency must maintain different processes and procedures based on the client that they are servicing.

In addition to screening and hiring employees for operational needs, the third party agency may also be hired to do all of the company’s payroll processing. In these situations, these agencies may provide a system that pays all of their employees on a regularly scheduled basis. Many times these agencies will house automated HR systems in order to complete these jobs efficiently. Therefore, many of these clients may select the third party agency that can deliver payroll checks on time, calculate taxes for the end of the year and handle benefit changes as needed. Again, the services provided will depend on the client that the third party agency is working for.

The HR area is critical to the success of the overall organization. Today, many small and large companies are utilizing third party agencies to perform HR duties in a specific area. Even though some companies may only hire a third party agency to do all of their hiring process, others may hire these agencies to perform all of the functions in an HR operation. The type of duties performed by the agency will be determined by the company and their needs.

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