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Keeping the Pipeline Running Smoothly


The more the country attempts to expand the more it will have a demand to move large amount of product from one side of the country to another. There was a time when this kind of thing was accomplished with trains and large vehicles, which turned out to be a successful venture. When the price of fuel began to skyrocket, among other things, the powers that be decided that something had to be done to reduce some of those costs.

In the late 1800s, the use of pipelines took off for the simple reason that they were logistically feasible and the use of these pipelines were able to keep costs down for moving things like liquids, gasses and anything else that needed to be moved across long (or short) distances. In order for these pipelines to be effective they would need to be maintained and that is where a company like would be important.

Drinkwater Products saw a need for services for the pipeline industry in the late 1980s and decided that they could satisfy that demand and from their location in Louisiana they have supplied the pipeline industry with everything it needed to keep the pipeline running smoothly. As most successful business enterprises will tell you, if you provide excellent service before, during and after encountering a customer, they will continue to give you their business.

Drinkwater Products has since evolved into a company that commands respect from others in the pipeline industry, so much so that their reputation precedes them. Customers are confident that when parts are supplied with Drinkwater Products they will be receiving the highest quality new and replacement parts, which is certainly a plus, especially since it means that they won’t have to send anyone to repair something that was just completed.

As the world continues to expand its use of the pipeline to transport other vital liquids that serve the needs of our society, such as jet fuel, kerosene and diesel fuel, just to name a few, Drinkwater continues to stand ready to serve the industry with valuable parts like the Nova cast, The TDW PIG SIG V and the Pitboss, just to name a few. What this means is that when the need arises for repairs, the customer simply needs to contact and have their order filled.

Everything points to the fact that the pipeline is serving its purpose as it makes things easier both logistically and financially. This fact alone suggests that the various pipelines around the United States will not only expand, but new ones will be built to serve additional needs. These advancements would hardly be possible without a dedicated company like Drinkwater Products to work hand in hand with the crew that keep the pipelines running smoothly.

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