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Mosquito and Tick Control Allow You to Love Your Yard Again

Mosquitoes and ticks aren’t just annoying, they can be potentially dangerous to your family and pets as well. Mosquitoes can spread disease, including West Nile Virus, and ticks can put your family and pets in danger of Lyme Disease and other maladies. If your yard is overtaken by mosquitoes or ticks, you don’t need to suffer by staying indoors. There are many ways you can rid your property of these parasites so you can love your yard again.

For starters, keep your landscape well maintained to prevent a friendly environment for mosquitoes and ticks to thrive in. Keep rotted wood away from fences, and make sure that all shrubbery is trimmed so sunlight can shine through. Keep leaves and other plant material raked up, since mosquitoes and ticks alike will hide in vegetation that is low to the ground. Pails, vases, and other items can get filled with water, which mosquitoes love for laying eggs. You can keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay by keeping your yard free of debris that can create a hiding place for these biting pests.

The key to treating a mosquito or tick issue is to prevent these parasites from making themselves at home on your property in the first place. Making your landscape less inhabitable is the best way to make your yard more enjoyable. If you notice ticks or mosquitoes in your yard, you need to take care of the issue as soon as you can, using both your own resources and the assistance of professionals who can help make your property more enjoyable.

Mosquito Squad can assist you if your mosquito or tick problem is especially severe. If you live near a canal or other water source, you may find that your mosquito problem is too much for you to handle on your own. You may also find your yard overridden by ticks if you live in a dry, arid area near sage brush and other dry material. There may be other things that you need to do to prevent ticks and mosquitoes from taking over your yard, including using chemicals or traps to help manage your pest problem.

Many homes suffer from an abundance of ticks and mosquitoes, and children, pets, and other family members can get bitten and become very ill. If you do your part to make your yard less appealing to these biting parasites, you can use the tools provided by Mosquito Squad to rid your yard from mosquitoes and ticks for good.

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