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Quick and Easy Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

Keeping office areas clean is a critical part of maintaining a safe work environment. While piles of paper and empty boxes may seem harmless, they can lead to serious injuries. Here are some tips to help you keep your office space clean and orderly:

Bring in the Professionals

Enlisting the help of a professional cleaning agency like BearCom Building Services is a fast, cost effective way to keep your building clean. From bathrooms and break areas to cubicles and waiting rooms, they ensure that each room is thoroughly cleaned.

Implement a Filing System

Even in the digital age, paper still plays a large role in many office functions. Large amounts of loose paper can lead to fires, slips and trips. A good filing system can help keep clutter to a minimum and minimize safety issues. For large offices, a digital or online filing system may be well worth the investment. Smaller businesses can benefit using imaging software to scan and store files.

Don’t Eat in Office Areas

Although working lunches may save time, they can leave all sorts of mess behind. From loose crumbs to spilled beverages, eating lunch in the office can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, try creating designated break areas where employees can have snacks and food.

Recycling Bins

Placing recycling bins around office areas is a great step towards keeping things neat and tidy. Labeled recycling bins will make it easier for your company to manage recycling and waste disposal efforts. In some cases, increased recycling efforts may even help lower costs associated with waste disposal.


No matter how large or small an office is, dust can be a major nuisance. These tiny bits of particles and dead skin cells can circulate the room and build up on office equipment. As a known allergen, dust has been known to cause sneezing, runny eyes and itchy noses. These issues can easily be avoided by making a commitment to dust office areas regularly.

Get Organized

Strong organizational skills are essential for maintaining a clean office area. If your business finds that it constantly struggles with keeping the office area clean, this may mean that the office is not organized as efficiently as it could be. To remedy this, consider moving furniture or cubicles to increase the efficiency and visual appeal of the office area. For example, large rooms with no clear division may benefit from cubicles or dividers. Likewise, standard office equipment like fax machines, copiers and scanners can sometimes be consolidated into a single room or area for easier access.

With all of the hustle and bustle of a busy office, mess can accumulate quickly. Clutter and trash can lead to injuries, illnesses and even fires. When properly implemented, these easy to follow tips will have you well on your way to a spotless office.

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