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Ron King Academy: Preparing For Careers In Cosmetology

The Ron King Academy concentrates on providing the best training in cosmetology, barbering, and esthetics. This academy is led by the renowned celebrity hair stylist, Ron King. His high standards in hair dressing reflect the unique curriculum offered to students wanting to explore their interest in the salon industry. This program makes sure the students graduate with top quality experience which allows them to pursue their career in the best salons and high end beauty businesses. The Ron King Academy combines both creativity and business skills, which is necessary to increase growth in hair salons, barber shops, and spas. This program uses top quality products from L’Oreal as well as classes at the Salon Summit Business Center to prepare students for the possibility of owning their own salon.

The three programs that are offered are Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Barber Shop. The Cosmetology program combines a curriculum that includes the latest techniques, hands on experience, and real life business skills to help prepare them for owning and operating their own business. Students will learn the basics of how to build their clientele and selling products. Students will work with a line of professional experts to learn a variety of skills including hair styling, coloring, artificial nail application, eyelash application, and hair removal. They will also be competent in working on photo shoots, runway shows, and high end fashion designers. Salon Realities allows students to compete against each other by performing real life job scenarios such as a salon manager or salon co-manager.

The Barber curriculum follows tried and true techniques as well as the latest modern techniques. This program teaches students to become proficient in many skills such as cuts using shears and razors, design and styling, clipper cutting, and shaving and skin care. Students in the Barber program are trained using the Summit Business Center to prepare them for success in their career.

The Esthetics program prepares students to become the best skin care and relaxation technicians. Obtaining a degree from the Esthetics program will prepare the students to make their clients feel their best by hands on learning. Students accepted into the Esthetic program can customize their curriculum that focuses on a specific area of interest. By participating in this honors program, students can earn a certificate in their area of interest which can later be used in their portfolio.

Admission to these programs at this elite academy begins every five weeks. Students are suggested to apply early to make sure they are accepted in to their program of choice. Students begin to practice on real people in hopes of keeping these clients upon graduation from their specific programs.

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